Wayne Jackson

The Low-Fee Model is here!

“New Zealand has among the highest real estate charges in the developed world and property prices have increased significantly over the years – but the percentages that realty agents charge haven’t changed. This means the same work to sell your home is done but the agent takes more and more of your hard won gains, for no extra effort!.” – Axis Realty Principal Wayne Jackson.

Lower fees mean we have redressed this issue. Axis charge just 1.95% on property sales up to $1 Million and then just 1% on the balance thereafter.

The low fee concept was proven when we started out as Mountain River Realty and won many happy clients in our start up town of Kawerau. How successful have we been?

In 2019 we had 38% market share of the Kawerau home sales showing that we were giving homeowners what they want and this pricing is available nationwide to allow you to retain more of your capital gain for your next move.

What you will find with Axis Is Clear communication, uncluttered agreement forms, and lots of home-grown rapport that leads to long friendships and confident recommendations.

Axis agents are here to serve you with pride and enthusiasm and look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to visit the AXIS Realty website: www.axisrealty.co.nz or call 0800 17 88 88

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